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Premiere: Nebulo – Rules

Since his debuts in 2006, French producer Thomas Pujols aka Nebulo centered his efforts on the investigation of widescreen electronic vistas, maintaining a delicate balance between mystic-imbued scapes, martial rhythms and fractured leftfield drifts.

Following on from the first episode of his ‘Safari Suites‘ released last year via Parisian label Odd Frequencies, Nebulo steps up with the second volume of his heavy-battered jungle trek on the boundary-pushing Seagrave, bursting the frontiers between brain music and intuitive body language through eight cuts of dense, archaic techno outbursts.

Rules‘ offers a particularly striking example of Nebulo’s next-level audio architectonics, colliding what sounds like a torrent of lopsided machine-gun bursts and hissy devices as a panic-stricken metronome beats an unhinged industrial pulse. Rough and uncompromising, just the way we like it.

The Safari Suites Vol. II is released via Seagrave on August 5th, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Fake Geometrie
A2. Rabbits
A3. Ay Sun
A4. Ole
B1. Etude
B2. Rules
B3. Amor Amor
B4. Woody Echoes

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