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Premiere: Modula – The Night Out

Naples native Modula returns to ever-reliable Danish imprint Tartelet Records with his fourth full-length project. On ‘Paranormal Phenomena – The Icelandic Expedition’, the producer peers into the beyond with an LP informed by recent travels. The release also sees Tartelet minting their new Tartelet Archives sub-label which promises to focus on “electronic obscurities and sounds from the past”.

As the title suggests, the album was inspired by Modula’s recent travels to Iceland, a place famous for its spectacular landscapes and geological activity. Drawing inspiration from the surroundings, he also made field recordings in which he perceived an eerie and otherworldly quality.

Incorporating these recordings, the producer developed this concept album, imagining a film with each track soundtracking a different scene. This cinematic quality is certainly evident in the intro to ‘The Night Out’, which then descends into what could be described as industrial funk, warm and steely in equal parts.

‘Paranormal Phenomena – The Icelandic Expedition’ is scheduled for release 18 March via Tartelet Archives. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Main Titles
2. The Night Out
3. Reaching The Campsite
4. The Research Team
5. Diamond Beach
6. Transport On Icebreaker
7. Paranormal Phenomena
8. The Chemistry Lab
9. End Titles