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Lunchmeat Festival are hosting a Peaceful Rave in Prague

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Lunchmeat Festival are hosting a live stream event on Thursday 10 March at the Stalin Monument in Prague. A location that still bears the name of the Soviet dictator whose memorial once stood in place there, but has since become a beacon of alternative culture in the Czech capital since its destruction in 1962.

The live stream will feature DJ sets from prominent local artists from the Ukrainian, Russian, Georgian, Belarusian and Czech diaspora – united together in a message of condemnation of Russian military occupation and solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

For the occasion, Exhausted Modern, Dmitrievna, mʊdʌki, ARNII and Tasya will play atop the city’s landmark, with a live stream available to those outside the city. Donations will be sent to the Ukrainian Embassy in Prague, who are dealing with a colossal influx of refugees fleeing through neighbouring Slovakia and Poland.