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Premiere: Morah – Dance When Lights Off

There’s no doubt about it that Helena Hauff has pushed the boundaries of electro since releasing her debut in 2013. Her music has opened up a dark world composed of acidic tonalities, rough to the grain techno, EBM and wave. In 2015 Hauff launched her own imprint Return To Disorder and the second ever release from the label coincides with Morah’s label debut.

Morah is the man behind the Phormix record label and event series in Athens. To date he has released music on Lux Rec, Berceuse Heroique and brokntoys. Now he makes his return with ‘The Vessels Of The Bloods“.

Dystopian and garbled atmospheres spread far and wide on Morah’s four-tracker. Our pick “Dance When Lights Off” probes deep into caustic phantasies: distorted industrial interference provide the basis for a corrosive subsoil, devilish reverb vocals peek whilst a propulsive bass line accelerates and decelerates giving the track enthralling energy.

The Vessels of The Blood is out now on Return To Disorder. Order a copy from Juno.

A1. I Saw, Strained Her Eyes Peering Into The Gloom
A2. Dance When Lights Off
B1. Against Your Beloved
B2. One Shade The Less, One Ray The More

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