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Premiere: Mori Ra – Stormy Weather

After breaking the Brasserie Heroique Edits series in with a pair of top-class EPs from Jamal Moss and Japan Blues, London’s Berceuse Heroique decided to entrust the third collection’s number to Japanese edit virtuoso Mori Ra.

With choice platters for Lyon-based Macadam Mambo and the recent marvel ‘Oriental Forest‘ on US label Forest Jams cementing his position as one of the most exciting talents when it comes to retouching long-lost gems unearthed during his hardcore in-store digging sessions, the Osaka-based wizard here confirms his skills at turning a track’s rhythmic grammar upside down.

On the third volume of Brasserie Heroique, Mori Ra brushes a wide sound spectrum, deftly hopping from offbeat disco oddities to balearic-imbued house onto playful and vivid electronics going off as a jaunty bazaar of tribal drums beats a proper entrancing pulse.

Our pick, the vibrant and heady ‘Stormy Weather‘ couldn’t sport an apter name with its tempestuous flight of high-pitched synth movements and stammering sax that would fit just about right in one of these cheerful Mood Hut summer anthems. Melancholic yet underpinned by a constant search for light and groove, this one shall have your head buzzing and feet shuffling in equal measure. Right up there in the edits hall of fame.

The Brasserie Heroique Edits Part 3 is released via Berceuse Heroique on 16th January, order a vinyl copy from Honest Jon’s.


A1. Kanwaza
A2. Cross Calf Dance
B1. Stormy Weather
B2. Water

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