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Premiere: Muziekkamer – Around The Clock

Since establishing in 2014, Glasgow’s Contort Yourself successfully devoted themselves to closing the gap between raw, contemporary techno and pioneering industrial, EBM and off-kilter sonics from the ’80s and ’90s. Featured on last year’s excellent LP, ‘80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 1‘, experimental Dutch duo Muziekkamer finally see the second volume of their tape trilogy get a much deserved reissue on Murray CY’s imprint, due for release June 4th.

Lifted from this polymorphic collection of avant-garde electronics, psychedelic melodies and altered ambient scapes, our pick ‘Around The Clock‘ is a compelling sample of Martin Keuning and Cees van de Oever’s groundbreaking craft and savoir-faire. As its title suggests, the track unravels a racing metronomic pulse, carried ahead by high-pitched, script-like bleeps and brittle chimes as a subtle pizzicato double bass blows a weird, jazzy, cabaret-style swing over and under this gusty melee of disparate elements. A hauntingly penetrating slab of off-the-cuff experimentality – sure to satisfy all lovers of genre-mangling offcuts and post-Stockhausen, stochastic divagations.

II – Popmuziek is released via Contort Yourself on 4th June, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Radio Times
A3. Pronunciation
A4. Toad Traffic
A5. Being Home Tonight
A6. Around The Clock
B1. Clodhopping Mugfakers
B2. The Sun Was The Stronger
B3. Walkman
B4. Black Box
B5. IQ
B6. Paradies

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