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Premiere: Ground Tactics – Eternal Now

Watching the development of Midgar over the years has been a real pleasure. From humble beginnings, it has blossomed into a label with a distinct aural and visual identity. This is down to label chief Jacopo Severitano’s all-encompassing touch responsible for both A&R and graphic design of the imprint. Naturally, nothing better to do once you’ve hit your stride than start to mix it up a bit. This is precisely the aim of new sister label Midgar Sands.

Even though it openly shares an identity with its parent in terms of brooding and expansive electronic music, Midgar Sands is keen to explore new time signatures and tempos beyond the usual techno template. First release, Ground TacticsImmaterial Breath‘, sets out the manifesto with devastatingly brooding atmospheres. However, it is the lighter track of the release – in relative terms – that we have selected to premiere. ‘Eternal Now‘ mixes up acidic elements with middle distant frozen textures in the sort of post-dance floor techno that Midgar knows how to do so well.

Immaterial Breath is released via Midgar Sands in June. Keep an eye on the Midgar Facebook page for more details as they become available.


A1. Cybernetic Alteration
A2. Shattering Illusions
B1. Levels Of Sarcasm
B2. Eternal Now

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