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Premiere: Myn – Cold Vision Era

Restlessly steering his ship into radioactive sonic fields and sizzling hot no-go zones, Myn is the kind of captain that certainly makes a point of casting shadows over the club with little concern for the comfort and serenity of his audience, rather well going straight for the jugular.

Focused on dropping all out floor crushers by the dozen, his label Public System Recordings has settled as a label to follow within just a pair of releases and shall maintain its momentum nicely with their showstopping debut VA, ‘All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace‘, featuring on-the-rise Hamburg duo Fallbeil, LACR-affiliate Innsyter, Russian sensation Buttechno, Morah, Meze and many more.

Streaming in full over our channels, Myn’s own contribution – ‘Cold Vision Era‘ – is a raging warehouse-tailored weapon moving at full throttle. Fusing off-the-leash breakbeat patterns, sustained hum in rollercoaster mode and pressurized bass surges – all parched in a magma of 303-hot lava, its jolted buildup is sure to wreak havoc in its wake, be it as an early-set thruster or late night firebrand. Badman sound.

All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace is released via Public System Recordings on 5th June, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Fallbeil – Donnerwetter
A2. Templeyard Studios – Take66 (Tripolar Cell Edit)
A3. Innsyter – A New Box
B1. Myn – Cold Vision Era
B2. IXVLF – Personal Divisions
B3. Wosto – Race Days
C1. Kluentah – Give Up The Gods
C2. Meze – Porder
C3. Buttechno – Beskudnikovo
D1. Morah – Somewhere
D2. Delivery – Music For Dancers
D3. Latrines – Katrinas
D4. Antwn – Non Vanishing

Discover more about Myn and Public System Recordings on Inverted Audio.