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IA MIX 315 Myn

Myn lays down a gutsy hour-long audio trip, enveloping us in a pitch-black nightly scenario where hammering techno rubs shoulders with droney acid whorls, unhinged industrial, trap-infused hardcore and freewheeling Italo out the fiercest Giallo club sequence.

Premiere: Buttechno – Strainn

Moscow-based producer Buttechno returns with ‘Tepliy Stan EP’ for French imprint Public System Recordings, a five-tracker melding the best of his ferocious break-charged techno and featuring a remix from Berceuse Heroique regular Ekman, scheduled for release early June 2016.

DJ Spider & Grey People: Service Elevator

A very convincing first instalment and an interesting addition to Grey People and DJ Spider’s fine catalogue, this first EP also marks Public System’s entrusting of its future to confirmed producers.