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Premiere: Nancy Noise – Azizi’s Dance (Andrew Weatherall Remix 2)

A fervent torchbearer of the Balearic scene for the past couple decades, Nancy Noise carries with her the jazz and radiance of a myriad memorable parties, encounters and further unique communions of minds and hearts as so many talismans.

Her hi-NRG blends of solar house, stellar strings orchestration and Latin-inflected rhythms – vivid and enticing as it gets, eventually saw her take the leap with a solid debut EP that also served as the inaugural release for the newly-formed Beyond Paradise last year.

Whilst the original EP gathered a special cast of longtime friends and collaborators including Tim Hutton, Fabrice, Leo Mas, Man Power and label bossman Craig Christon, BP is now back with an equally impressive remix platter, handing the reins to none other than the legendary Andrew Weatherall with not one but two remixes, Leo Mas and Fabrice for a special Balearic Lovers revamp and the mysterious Project Paradise featuring singer Gabriella Alfoldy.

Weatherall’s remix #2 finds him taking over Nancy’s fine floor-friendly number ‘Azizi’s Dance‘ with an infectious hip-swaying groove and wonky discoid gait. Meshing blipping synth motifs and humming vocals with a full-out bouncy bass set to guide dancers towards the nearest club effortlessly, the Pied Piper of London here again demonstrates the wide range of his remixing genius. Put on your dancing shoes.

Azizi’s Dance Remix EP is released via Beyond Paradise in June. 


A1. Azizi’s Dance (Andrew Weatherall Remix 1)
A2. Azizi’s Dance (Andrew Weatherall Remix 2)
B1. Kaia (Leo Mas & Fabrice Balearic Lovers Remix)
B2. Azizi’s Dance (Project Paradise Remix feat. Gabriella Alfoldy)

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