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Premiere: Nasty Boy – All Night Long

For the past decade, Italian producer Nicola Penna aka Nasty Boy has been holding high the banner of classic US deep house, making the journey from the clinical dubby tech minimalism of his early plates – ‘Drain Monster‘ especially – onto proper mind-altering Detroit vibes in the style of Parrish and Pittman. Quite a massive shift.

Invited to contribute a track to Descendants Of The Deep‘s V5 iteration of their ‘From Chicago To Detroit‘ series that’s seen Vincent Floyd, Norm Talley, Gene Hunt, Gari Romalis and more pitch in on the previous episodes, Nicola dishes out a dulcet slab of piano-strewn house, sandwiched between a liquid bass tide, reverb-drenched synth stabs and shrill strings. This one’s got both the carefree swing of a jazzy 4/4 melter and poignancy of an honest, inward-dipping deep house jaunt. Succulent.

From Chicago To Detroit V5 is released via Descendants Of The Deep on 27th March, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Jordan Fields – You Make Me Feel
A2. Nasty Boy – All Night Long
B1. Midnight Music Club – Rangiroa
B2. Maxi Aubert – Ladies With Attitude
B3. Mr Kaizo – It’s Kaizo’s Move

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