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Premiere: Nelson Of The East – Ellipsis (Kasper Marott Redub)

Copenhagen-based Tartelet Records are launching a new sub-label. Since its inception, Tartelet has been on an ambitious, idealistic mission to release the freshest, strangest and most remarkable electronic music, while paying meticulous attention to its visual communication. As the main label continues to release an increasingly diverse range of tracks, DANCEMPORIUM promises to keep things floor-focussed.

Delivering the first release on the new label is Milanese producer Nelson Of The East. ‘Sub Erotic’ follows the release of the artist’s 2021 album ‘Kybele’. Compared to that release, the Berlin-based producer, who’s also released music as Nicolas Meyer, tried to use fewer elements on the tracks, to instead focus on the interplay between them in the process.

Our pick from the release is Kasper Marott’s version of ‘Ellipsis’. On the original track, Meyer ended up reproducing live percussive elements using synthesis before arriving at the final version. Marott strips things back and gives a boisterous bassline room to really shine.

‘Sub Erotic’ is scheduled for release 6 May via DANCEMPORIUM. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Ellipsis
2. Ellipsis (Kasper Marott remix)
3. Sub Erotic
4. Memoria