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Listen back to Inverted Audio Radio x Radio Punctum with Freddie Hudson

Inverted Audio’s show for Prague’s Radio Punctum at April’s end saw host Freddie Hudson steering listeners through a range of music: some from artists heard the previous week at this year’s Intonal Festival in Malmö, along with some new records and freshly released music collected over the last month.

From the Intonal highlights, Freddie selects music from Space Afrika, Tyler Friedman, WaqWaq Kingdom, and Valentina Magaletti, as well as other main acts Hiro Kone and Nkisi, along with providing an informal wrap up of the event ahead of the full review, for the curious listeners.

New music in this months episode comes courtesy of K Wata’s latest on anno, the latest premium ambient from the enmossed and Astral Industries labels and the new Ben Bondy on Quiet Time, followed by some heavyweight avant-club from asvanyviz2 on Exiles and the latest single from Air Max ’97, closing with a teaser of the now-released track ‘Hallen‘ from Inland on his Counterchange label, ahead of the inaugural Inverted Audio club night at Fuchs2 in Prague.

Inverted Audio Radio returns on 24 May.


1. Pretty Sneaky – A3 [Pretty Sneaky]
2. Ben Bondy – The Only Part of You I Ever Really Needed [Quiet Time]
3. Valentina Magaletti – The Narrower Frame [Hallow Ground]
4. Forest Kelley – Silt Part 2 [enmossed]
5. 1991 – No More Dreams I [No More Dreams]
6. Son of Chi & Clara Brea – The Wetland Remixes Side C [Astral Industries]
7. Space Afrika – Indigo Grit ft. guest [Dais Records]
8. games – 10 [INDEX:Records]
9. Hiro Kone – Reciprocal Capture (ft. Speaker Music) [Dais Records]
10. Nkisi – I [UIQ]
11. GiGi FM – Ketu’s Dance [Bambe]
12. Ike – Seven & Seventeen [INDEX:Records]
13. K Wata – Sling of Life [anno]
14. Tyler Friedman – Epiphytic Part 2 [Kontra-Musik]
15. WaqWaq Kingdom – Bird [Jahtari]
16. asvanyviz2 – terminally online [Exiles]
17. Air Max ’97 – Coriolis [DECISIONS]
18. Inland – Hallen [Counterchange]