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Inverted Audio: Inland, New Magic Media, Freddie Hudson, Pablo Garduño at FUCHS2


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On Saturday 14 May, Inverted Audio land in Prague to host our inaugural club night at FUCHS2 with a lineup focussed on bringing the best of Berlin’s dark energy into orbit with Prague’s experimental creativity and broad spheres of influence.

Headlining the event is Berlin-based Counterchange label boss Inland. Ed Davenport is a UK musician who demonstrates a vision of techno far beyond the normative with his driving yet groove-filled sets and the expansive catalogue of Counterchange, which looks to the dark floor-moving techno famously colouring Berghain as equally as it looks into the future of European techno through releasing new and more experimental strains by the likes of Itai Biri, Efdemin, Wrong Assessment and many more.

New Magic Media requires little introduction to regulars of Fuchs2 — voraciously consuming music of vastly eclectic heritage, bound into unity by a singular, personal vision of dance music, New Magic Media’s sets have kept us on our toes in expectations and in energy each and every time we’ve had the fortune to be in the audience. She takes over from Inland to carry the dancefloor from peak time to beyond the break of dawn with her inimitable taste and technique.

Freddie Hudson carries the banner for Inverted Audio. Sharpened acid breaks, fierce UK hardcore, liquid, euphoria-inciting trance and shuddering techno: all are corralled into one shifting motion in his dance sets that are as indebted to sweat-inducing UK soundsystem culture as they are to the long nights of European clubbing scenes.

Lighting and atmosphere for the event is provided by illumination magician Pablo Garduño — from those two years cutting his teeth at Ankali to his work for Prague’s underground party collective Kave, and then on to his joint new homes of Anormal and the rebirthing of the Grid venue, Pablo’s eye for drawing out a location’s best aspects is impeccable, and we’re looking forward to seeing him work his light magic at FUCHS2.

Tickets are available via Inverted Audio. If you require assistance, contact Ticket Support.