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Premiere: Roy Mills – My Safeword is Dolphin

Oz-via-London producer Roy Mills serves up three tasty and oddball electronic treats for the second release on Local Knowledge, the label he co-runs with DJ Mum, Ben Green & Issa.

Melbourne (frequently written as Naarm in respect of the native name for the city) has brought many of our favourite producers and DJs in recent years, with a number of the main operators in question running a cool blend of trance, breaks and bass music. Roy Mills, perhaps by dint of his being more in the current weird leanings of the London scene rather than the Berlin second home of the likes of Roza Terenzi, instead serves us something from stranger shores.

Take our pick, ‘My Safeword is Dolphin‘ — ostensibly an amalgam of the kinds of leftfield swervy material that we’ve heard from Ploy, Piezo, certain Timedance  and a fair bit of Accidental Meetings‘ releases, Mills rolls them all up into a crisp joint of sound design percussion and meter-thick basslines. With all the nuance and intellectual nuance necessary for 95-100bpm dancefloor rides, it’s also jammed with catharsis. In Roy’s own words: “Inspired by young love and the eventual, horrific, soul-destroying relationship demise, ‘My Safeword is Dophin’ is the cure. Listen to it twice daily, all summer, or until you feel like yourself again”.

‘LKX002’ is scheduled for release 20 May via Local Knowledge. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Chinchilla
2. My Safeword is Dolphin
3. Aquatiqué