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Premiere: asvanyviz2 – terminally online

Budapest’s Exiles Electronics label are a port of call for anyone who enjoys scuttling around in the back corners of Bandcamp, digging out undocumented artists and providing them with a home for their releases. Their latest EP, ‘brain fog‘ from non-binary Hungarian producer asvanyviz2, does exactly that.

asvanyviz2’s music is symptomatic of the digital/online music cultures that lurk in the black waters of Soundcloud profiles and NYP Bandcamp uploads: tough genreless beats break the surface of emotional maturity and instability, launching from hybrid-club workouts to ambient gabber with dashes of breakcore percussion littering the background. Their EP for Exiles is built out of a period of intense brain fog (hence the title), where the artist forged every rare and abstract thought breaking through the mire into the five-tracker.

terminally online‘ is our selection from their EP — glitched-out weightlessness, akin to the old-time internet modem patching into some biological mainframe by mistake, gradually gets pushed out of focus by a melodic bassline that is both understated and anthemic. This alone could have been an adept track, but asvanyviz2 takes it far further, scrambling it up into a breakcore workout that emphasises a G-force inducing pressure and intensity. The track, typically brief for the artist, nonetheless completes every statement it sets out to make with eloquence and character.

‘brain fog’ is scheduled for release 25 April via Exiles Electronics. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. host/migration
2. rockbreath
3. smiley bomb
4. terminally online
5. mohaszemhéj