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Premiere: Nick Araguay – The Shalimar

The influence of the US aesthetics on Nick Araguay‘s sound is – to say the least – clearly palpable and undoubtedly a conscious one. Putting on sun-streaked blends of iridescent lo-fi house doped on slo-mo funk and subtle hip-hop’isms, his musical universe is one to conjure images of palm-lined boulevards, pimped-out cars and azure seascapes.

After a convincing debut on London’s Peur Bleue, the Peckham-based producer returns with a strong followup on Kieran William’s ever qualitative Shall Not Fade. Featuring five cuts that ooze nothing but lazy summer days and pool-time sun basking, the lush ‘Keep Dreamin’ Tha Same Dream‘ is an enthralling imaginary journey from Miami to Los Angeles, with wind in your hair and salt on your skin.

Our premiere, ‘The Shalimar‘, is a vibey Dam-Funk’esque chiller of the finest standard. As fragrant as its title suggests, the track rolls out elastic synths rippling like theremin undulations over a footwork-friendly rhythm, dusted with deep, altered vox bits that breathe in a further druggy accent to its already languid groove. Put out the deckchairs, one for the do-nothing club.

Keep Dreamin’ Tha Same Dream is released on 9th March, pre-order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Keep Dreamin’ Tha Same Dream
A2. Look What She Said
A3. The Shalimar
B1. Shawty
B2. Thug Walk

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