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Premiere: Nine Raths – Thornhill

Through their electronic project Nine Raths, Ryan Burrowes and Adam Smith are delving into issues of modern Irish identity. The duo, also known for their work as members of the punk-jazz band Robocobra Quartet, continue to explore these ideas on their new EP, the second part in a trilogy of releases.

Hailing from Northern Ireland, Nine Raths don’t identify with the political and religious stances that, for many people they’ve grown up around, are the default. They’re using their music to connect with place in a different way, drawing inspiration from their ancestry while combining field recordings with contemporary dancefloor sounds.

Following the release of ‘EP001,’ which saw the duo serving up heavyweight techno trips, Nine Raths ramp up the tempo for the sequel. Frenzied breakbeats are a dominant feature on ‘Thornhill’, but the droning melancholic tones are bound to also leave an impression as well.

‘EP002’ is scheduled for release 16 November. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Thornhill
2. Earlswood
3. Clarendon