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Premiere: Nonetheless – Thanksgiving

Since their debut three years ago, Austrian imprint Neubau have gained momentum for releasing an intersection of Florian Stöffelbauer and Simon Heidemann’s musical tastes. Their first two releases include the highly sought after acid-drenched debut ‘B-Ware‘ by Berlin-based duo Aufgang B and a chaotic exploration of raw, obsessive kraut and industrial motifs from Karamika. Now the Vienna-based label mark their tenth release with the debut album ‘Nonetheless‘ from Florian Bocksrucker and Felix Bergleiter.

Our pick ‘Thanksgiving‘ is an off-piste killer fuelled by a maverick downbeat streak. A murky arpeggio restlessly permeates the track with slow-release hypnosis, messing up with your circadian rhythm and melding the borders between consciousness and the subconscious. The brooding bass line plays footsie in a continuous evolution with a dark trance synth and grim new-wave-ish chords, resulting in a danceable thriller suffused with somnambulant excitement.

‘Nonetheless’ is scheduled for release via Neubau on 5th November 2018. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Machine Of Love And Hate
2. Belzeflute
3. Antipop
4. Cayotte
5. Epik
6. Exclusion Zone
7. Velvet
8. Thanksgiving

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