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Tutu crosses far and wide for Newtype Rhythms

This week’s edition of our sister mix series comes with a plentiful guest mix from Barcelona-based producer Tutu. An exemplary figure who finds herself most comfortable by breaking stylistic conventions with her calculating and creative approach to DJing, swiftly moving between acid, breakbeat, grime, techno, trance and everything else in-between.

This talent is not one to be missed, which is why having her contribute to Newtype Rhythms was something that we are proud to share. Tutu’s exploratory guest mix starts at 43 minutes, with resident Sheepshead warming things up as per usual; with a mixture of hefty breaks, techno and sound-design shenanigans.

Both Tutu and Sheepshead play at Szpitalna 1 in Krakow, Poland for Unsound Festival 2018 (taking place right now). The event they play, named Bandwidth features a stacked lineup of international guests, including Aquarian, Rian Treanor and Slikback, plus local luminaries including Chino, Charlie, Kinzo Chrome and more. If you’re in Krakow for the festival be sure to stop by and enjoy this immense event.

Photo by Silvia Poch


00:00 – 42:53 – mixed by Sheepshead

01. Yoko Kanno – Siberian Doll House
03. Forest Drive West – Traveller
04. Jam City – Countless
05. Papers – PAPS004 B2
06. Alden Tyrell – Angular
07. A Made Up Sound – Sun Touch
08. Wax – WAX 30003A
09. Shlømo – Parhelion
10. Barker & Baumecker – Silo
11. Batu – Collate

42:53 – END – mixed by Tutu

01. Submerged Wind – Christian Di Vito
02. Espera – Tutu
03. Viaticum – Violence
04. Adéu – Tutu
05. INTCAEB – Caterina Barbieri
06. Nadezhda Mandelstam 1899-1980 feat AGF – AGF & VARIOUS
07. Unknown Russian Astronaut 1961 feat AGF – AGF & VARIOUS
08. Anti Body (I Speak Machine Remix) – Gazelle Twin
09. Curfew – Fatima Al Qadiri
10. Offence – Tove Argelii
11. Chorus – Holly Herndon
12. RARA AVIS – Oswald Berthold, Chris Brown, Anders Dahl, Joe Gilmore, Fredrik Olofsson, Tim Perkis, Roc Jiménez de Cisneros, Peter Worth
13. All Night Wrong – ADR
14. Body Parts And Organs That Humans Do Not Need – ANBA
15. Emergo – Lakker
16. Inulin – Overmono
17. Ten canisters of pressurized tetrafluoroethane over three weeks – EVOL
18. Touch Absence (Intimidating Stillness Mix) – Lanark Artefax
19. A Secret Code (Kurahara Shinjiro 1889-1965) – AGF
20. Torrent de Colobrers – Tutu
21. Birds close up – Felicity

Discover more about Tutu on Inverted Audio.