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Premiere: Norwell – Celestial Bodies

Budapest’s Norwell champions a sound that defies the laws of gravity. Calibrated to high-accuracy standards, his propulsive blends of kosmische and time-honoured Detroit electro have seen Balázs Semsei featured on a variety of rising and more confirmed outlets including Pinkman and Beachcoma, slowly but surely establishing him as one of the most consistent producers from the Hungarian new wave.

High in steroid-charged bass, cosmic rev up and nostalgic synth eruptions, his new four-tracker on the young yet fast-expanding Dalmata Daniel finds Semsei in ferocious, spirited mood. Rushing straight for the stars – keyboard blazing and hats rolling, ‘Celestial Bodies‘ is one hell of a peaktime intergalactic weapon sure to turn all dancefloor into Jedha fast and sharp. Yet, the poignancy of Norwell’s elegiac synth motifs is nothing short of astonishing, showing a different brilliance depending on the time of day. Emotional alien-ware banger all the way.

ODD EP is out now via Dalmata Daniel, order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Arabian Nights
2. Outer Delta Dynamics
3. Celestial Bodies
4. Celestial Bodies (Imre Kiss ”Crisis ’91” Mix)

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