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Premiere: E Davd – Ice Moon

Described by its main operator Alex Hall as a “communication tool for emerging mutants“, Manchester’s number one dolphinarium Natural Sciences has quite an obvious appetite for all things electro with a fly touch of weird and off-centre danciness.

Merely two year old, their catalogue is a panoramic picture window on the new soundcloud-bound scene, ranging from the balmy ambient scapes of Japanese producer Aquarium to the pacey Drexciyan grooves of Antonio and Textasy onto the acidic house shufflers of DJ Seinfeld.

Newest talent to hit the UK-based imprint, in step with their impeccable blends of daydreaming house, astral synth ellipses and lysergic bass tides, E Davd rocks the house with a compelling mixture of organic motifs, cosmic gaze and high-impact body music.

Our premiere, ‘Ice Moon‘, slides across glassy reliefs and snow-capped canyons pedal to the metal, hedgehopping and looping between frozen stone archs and white plateaux, as the permafrost slowly but surely uncovers its treasures lost sleeping in the millenary dream. Lush.

Star Sign is released via Natural Sciences on 26th June, pre-order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Ice Moon
A2. Low Orbit
B1. New Age
B2. Star Sign

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