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Dungeon Rap: The Introduction

Ever wondered what Memphis Horrorcore might sound like if it were wrenched out of the Deep South, dragged through the gutter to a Scandinavian doom metal gig and spat out in a modern day industrial estate in Eastern Europe?

Brenecki: Esoteric Body Music

Due out shortly on Manchester’s Natural Sciences, Brenecki’s new four-tracker finds him melding a dashing techno stomp with deep dubby moves, ankle-twisting breaks and Detroit-style electroid pulsations. If the Serbian-born, New York-based producer’s previous instalments drew a dynamic and coherent, although sometimes monochromatic picture of him as a producer, ‘Esoteric Body Music’ reveals an artist at his most diverse and versatile. 

In Perspective: African Ghost Valley

African Ghost Valley are a bold and ambitious duo formed by Childe Grangier and Gabriel Ghebrezghi. They go unparalleled when it comes to carving out harsh, immersive drones and battered ambient scapes. Ahead of the release of their new record on Natural Sciences we caught up the duo for an in-depth chat and premiere new track “North”.

In Perspective: DJ Seinfeld

In the space of only two years, DJ Seinfeld has grown from the status of unheard talent onto that of an accomplished artist at the speed of light. We caught up with Armand as he opens up on his sudden rise to prominence, production debut and how he accustoms to the demanding tour life.

Premiere: Mono-Enzyme 307 – Inner Skill

Effusive acid heater ‘Inner Skill’ roots deep into off-kilter psychotropic grounds. Interlocking helter-skelter 303 lines with screeching keyboards gone astray, it’s a frantic safari ride across a lost mystic jungle ; colours and shapes flickering dangerously as the rhythm revs up and totemic percussions hammer out a fierce archaic pulse. Savage.

Aleks: Low Definitions

Bathed from head to toe in a cloudy pool of tape-saturated, binary rhythms and grubby, hissy textures, this debut slice from Aleks…offers 4 elevated grooves laced up with some more prosaic, dancefloor-aimed cuts.