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Premiere: Strahinja Arbutina – Sit

An essential component in the steady ascension of Croatian collective low income $quad over the last couple years, Zagreb-based producer Strahinja Arbutina has established as a prime mover for the whole local scene; stacking up releases on labels small and big, from Always Human Tapes to Entro Senestre’s BANK Records, via London’s Bliq and the multi-faceted Clan Destine Records.

Hot on the heels of his latest 12″ on Ali Renault’s Vivod, released just a few weeks ago, Arbutina lands another massive batch of ruff and gruff industrial tech beats gone feral on Manchester’s one and only Natural Sciences. Premiering today, the EP’s gut-churning closer ‘Sit‘ turns on the juice with a ruthless, evil-inspiring mindset. Shelling tremor-inducing kicks like one hoses bombshells on the enemy’s camp, the track makes its V12 roar and rumble, before drowning its pistons and valves in a thick sauce of saturated noise outbursts. Feel the shockwave.

Public Speaker is released via Natural Sciences on 27th April, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A2. No Reason
B1. Public Speaker
B2. Sit

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