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Dalibor Cruz drops ‘Riddled With Absence’ on Natural Sciences

Chicago-based producer Dalibor Cruz has dropped a pandemic induced album through Natural Sciences.

Consisting of 8-tracks, ‘Riddled With Absence‘ traces his families bloodline back to Honduras and the mountain town of Siguatepeque, incorporating these ancient rhythms and instruments from this region (incl. live Darbouka & mini Pakhawaj drumming) alongside atonal drones, gothic basque folk and Cumbia.

Composed in isolation, Cruz commented “Isolation was a blessing I never knew I needed. It helped me figure out what I wanted for myself, my sound and my life in general”. Highlights include ‘Seen as Scum‘, ‘Never Sort Yourself Out For Them‘ and ‘Untitled‘.

‘Riddled With Absence’ is out now via Natural Sciences. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Debase
2. Seen as Scum
3. Restored
4. Never Sort Yourself Out For Them
5. Rhythm Gore
6. Gool
7. Everyone’s Ill Will
8. Untitled