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Premiere: Malasod – One Opposite

Delft trance outfit Mirror Zone, headed by Spekki Webu, graduate into album territory with a mind warping double LP from Malasod entitled — perhaps forebodingly, for the times — ‘Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled‘.

When it comes to Mirror Zone trance is a word with many meanings, more aptly referring to a mindset or sonic structure than defining a genre by the same yardstick as ‘techno’ can be used. Mirror Zone’s outings, which often get hammered by the likes of Jane Fitz and Roza Terenzi, lean closer to trance as a descriptive word than a raw noun with a single meaning, drawing on deep psychic energies rather than flashy and fast-paced music.

Interested? Good. Because Malasod’s efforts here ply a different course to generic music. Long and drawn-out progressive grooves are the order of the day on ‘One Opposite‘, which rumbles out into play over a punky bassline. Cards held close to the chest, the weight of the bassline is centre stage until the track has progressed deep into the 5-minute runtime.

Then, like mist rising out of the ground, the ephemeral electronics begin to take hold, augmenting the distressed plucks of the bass strings with a shimmering haze. Proper music for the bold, arresting your mind and your body in a true state of mental hypnotism.

‘Tomorrow Is Cancelled’ is scheduled for release 16 March via Mirror Zone. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Men Eat Men
2. With Us
3. Pandora Surprises
4. Panic Room
5. A Fight Back
6. One Opposite
7. Masochist by Nature
8. Collective
9. Looping for Air