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Premiere: Orson Wells – Haunted House Mixtape

Put on your Freddy Krueger outfit and dial 666, Halloween is celebrated earlier than usual at the Natural Sciences office. No Vincent Price or Elvira as master of ceremony here, but German producer Orson Wells taking over the decks for 60 minutes of bone-chilling acid techno, rogue EBM and other malevolent delicacies, stitched together as a sinewy Tapenstein monster.

Follow the ears in the tall grasses, avoid the birds, hop on board a flashy red Plymouth Fury named Christine and give a ride to a weird teenage girl going by the name of Carrie. She says she’s headed to the prom. Drop her off and hit the road but be careful, better not look in the mirror… there’s a truck challenging you to a duel. Keep your eyes on the asphalt, it’s near. Stop at Bate’s mansion near the highway, his mom’s nice you heard. Thing T. Thing opens the door, shake hands, you’re there. Time to throw a rave with the Addams family.

Tomorrow, Saturday 12 August, the Natural Sciences fam will hit Shindigger Brewery, Manchester, for a spooky groovy night with Orson Wells, Stratton and Animal. Head over to Resident Advisor for details and tickets / RSVP on Facebook. Prepare to sweat!

Haunted House Mixtape is out now, order a copy from Bandcamp.

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