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Mars89: 2020

"This is abstract techno with a darkly lit pulse"

Mars89’s affectation with apocalyptic blends of gqom, diji-dub, dancehall and sci-fi is what makes him one of the most intriguing Japanese artists on the map. His production style sets out to inspire murky sentiments of doom, which perplexed Miles Opland enough to back his visions on Bokeh Versions.

Mars89 has since spent the past year embarking on his Noods Radio residency and performing intoxicating live shows across East Asia. Now he returns with ‘2020′ – his first outing on Natural Sciences, delivering a darkly reinforcing political message through harsh electronics.

Goodthing’ sets a menacing tone – industrial pads and static frequencies combine with a glaring kick drum, drawing a feverish line. This is abstract techno with a darkly lit pulse. It’s the abstracted frequencies; distorted percussion and harsh industrial noise that injects an electric jab of claustrophobia. ‘JoyCamp’ channels a mutated gqom with annihilating drones and raggedy synths atop a spacey kick drum.

The flip-side hits hard with more surprises; ‘Dayorder’ is possibly the most gripping of tracks – leftfield electronics fused with dub sentiments, sparse and thought out. ‘MiniLuv’ moves rapidly with dazzling percussion at its core. ‘2020′ is one of the darkest releases from Mars89, an evocative force spanning genres whilst remaining fixated on a futuristic vision of dread.

‘2020’ is out now. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. GoodThing
2. JoyCamp
3. DayOrder
4. MiniLuv

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