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Premiere: Mono-Enzyme 307 – Inner Skill

Effusive acid heater ‘Inner Skill’ roots deep into off-kilter psychotropic grounds. Interlocking helter-skelter 303 lines with screeching keyboards gone astray, it’s a frantic safari ride across a lost mystic jungle ; colours and shapes flickering dangerously as the rhythm revs up and totemic percussions hammer out a fierce archaic pulse. Savage.

Premiere: D. Futers – Never Givin’ Up

Inaugurating a new branch to Natural Sciences ever expanding family tree – the yet again cetacean-emblazoned Dolphin Traxx subdivision, UK-based producer D. Futers takes over with a catchy two-tracker fusing the best of garage-bass, breakbeat and house. Stream ‘Never Givin’ Up’ within.

Aleks: Low Definitions

Bathed from head to toe in a cloudy pool of tape-saturated, binary rhythms and grubby, hissy textures, this debut slice from Aleks…offers 4 elevated grooves laced up with some more prosaic, dancefloor-aimed cuts.