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Premiere: Textasy – Illusions Of The Mind

There’s a strong smell of heated metal, beastly musk and burnt electronic components going through Texan-born, Berlin-based producer Textasy‘s rabid debut ‘Off The Leash‘, out on 24th April via Manchester’s Natural Sciences.

After a couple noteworthy appearances on TX Connect’s Texas Recordings Underground and G-23’s Art-Aud, Dustin Evans – who also produces under the names Dallas Acid and Dallas Diesel, finally goes solo with a steroid-charged 4 track batch of wild electro grooves and zone-51 short wave onslaughts going straight for the jugular.

Premiering today, the EP’s opener ‘Illusions Of The Mind‘ is a fast-shooting Drexciyan weapon packed with extra-terrestrial floor intelligence and propulsive firepower. Fusing the dramatic impact of old-school breaks with lashing snares and altered guitar riffs dipped in a frothy pool of 303 bass arpeggios, Textasy fords multi-dimensional universes and exo-planetary landscapes pedal to the metal. Put on your space suit and oxygen mask, there’s no atmosphere where you’re going.

Off The Leash is released via Natural Sciences on 24th April, pre-order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp. Part of their coming Euro tour NS will be hosting label nights at Fiddlers, Bristol on 18th March and The White Hotel, Manchester on 25th March.


A1. Illusions Of The Mind
A2. Acid Bleach (I Live With My Mom Edit)
B1. Pterodactyl
B2. Bustanut

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