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Premiere: DJ Octopus – Club Damage

Laconically presented as a label “focused on kick drums and bass lines“, one can easily guess the two guys behind Metal Position are ones to let the music do the speaking. Under this new label actually hide Italian producers Marco Zanin alias DJ Octopus and Mattia Favaretto, better known as Steve Murphy.

Not only does the pair maintain close links both on and off-stage but they also share a very similar trajectory. Having released no less than four splits together and respectively graced the grooves of labels like Chiwax, Hot Haus and Shall Not Fade on their own, Mattia and Marco have chosen to dedicate their craft to making people shuffle their feet and lose their mind on the dancefloor with feverish crossovers of Detroit-influenced techno and classic Chicago rhythms tinged with filtered house tropes à la française.

Striking first on Metal Position with ‘The House Of Pain‘ EP, DJ Octopus demonstrates the breadth of his multi-tentacular reach with aplomb and self-possession. Certainly the standout cut of this debut instalment, ‘Club Damage‘ is a curious hybrid that fuses a linear 4/4 lilt with acidic bass surges in wavy rave mode and shrill female screams thrown into the furnace to spice things up Dario Argento style. Classic unclassic.

The House Of Pain EP is released via Metal Position on 24th March, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Club Damage
A2. The House Of Pain
B1. Praha
B2. Daada #3

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