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Premiere: Mono-Enzyme 307 – Inner Skill

Of all the young lo-fi-house certified labels that surfaced over the past couple of years, Alex Hall’s Natural Sciences rapidly stood out, not only because of its naive dolphin-friendly appeal but well thanks to a particularly tasteful curation – creaming off the finest of what the neo-independent Soundcloud era has to offer without hoodwinking itself as for the imbalance between the quale and quantum of material available.

Carried by this trustworthy outlook, the Manchester-based imprint did a great job of collating top-drawer releases from the likes of Aquarium, Antonio or Warren Raww, to name a few. For this new outing, Hall enlisted Mono-Enzyme 307 – an up-and-coming producer from Paris whose only line on the CV is a single split for local French label Acid Avengers.

Our premiere, the effusive acid heater ‘Inner Skill‘ roots deep into off-kilter psychotropic grounds. Interlocking helter-skelter 303 lines with screeching keyboards gone astray, it’s a frantic safari ride across a lost mystic jungle ; colours and shapes flickering dangerously as the rhythm revs up and totemic percussions hammer out a fierce archaic pulse. Savage.

Adventure In Cryosleep is released via Natural Sciences on, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Green Slime Acid
A2. Inner Skill
A3. Natural Sweep
B1. Pink Slime Acid
B2. Stimulate Me

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