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Premiere: Ryan James Ford – Kirra Rengo

Tonal balance is imperative when making waves on the dancefloor; a track can be a banger but there has to be some subtlety somewhere to cling onto when there’s nothing but clanging for six minutes. Enter the world of Ryan James Ford, the Calgary-born, Berlin-based producer that has been bubbling up since a radiant appearance on Marcel Dettmann’s fabric 77 mix in 2014.

Since then, Ford has set up shop quite nicely – finding an audible niche that’s melodically rich, rhythmically rigid and terrifically effective for setting a tone for a damn good set to come – evoking material from labels such as Warp and Skam in their respective golden eras. After a release on Dettmann’s MDR imprint and most recently on Answer Code Request’s ACR label, Ford steps out with the inaugural release on his very own label, SHUT.

Coming out in the next few days, “Stone Mountain Red” will feature four new tracks that range from mind-bent techno ambivalence, to minimalist Chicago house, to stirring ambient to a track that has all the elements of those put together.

Enter “Kirra Rengo”, the opening salvo on this four-tracker – starting off with a deluge of percussion that carefully steeps its way into the subconscious before settling into a hypnotic groove that is surrounded by a vocal sample that refuses to let go even when the song reaches its zenith. The structure of this tune will lend itself nicely to anyone that wants to kick-start a dance floor with an embrace of melodic energy and percussive multidimensionality, and we couldn’t be happier to share it with you all.

Stone Mountain Red EP is scheduled for release 31st September 2016 via SHUT.


A1 Kirra Rengo
A2 Erand Dirk
B1 Lazore Thout
B2 Eiliat Tirrayl

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