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Natural Sciences premiere a new track from ’Midnight At The Tokyo Central’ EP

Following an excellent first release from on-the-rise Dutch producer Aleks, Manchester-based imprint Natural Sciences return this Fall with another exciting debut, courtesy of Japanese newcomer Aquarium / 外神田Deepspace. The 12″ is scheduled for landing on October 19th.

With ‘Midnight At The Tokyo Central‘, the Tokyoite serves up a Janus-faced five-tracker steeped in darkling nighttide vapours and metropolitan spleen while capturing with a rare acuity the intangible solitude of late night home-stretches.

If the 外神田Deepspace side is doped on keyed-up acid ellipses, drowsy drumwork and lysergic pads upswings, the Aquarium side delivers two pure ambientish cuts, leaving much less room to beat-driven grooves but flowing its ever-fascinating 6AM-like, window-gazing narcosis and ethereal nostalgia with even more depth.

Today we’re glad to bring you the exclusive premiere of ‘A3 – ヘッドライツ’, a Möbius strip of a tune that merges both sides’ off-branching perspectives in an equally lulling and versatile audio dream-sequence, every bar growing closer to the full hypnosis state. The train may stop at the station, you’re in for an endless jaunt.

‘Midnight At The Tokyo Central’ is released via Natural Sciences on October 19th, pre-order a vinyl copy from the label’s bandcamp.

Natural Sciences will host its first label night at Kraak Gallery, Manchester on September 19th 2015. Lineup features Lobster Theremin boss Asquith, Ste Spandex and Space Afrika (live). Head over here for further informations.

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