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Bicep announce self-titled debut LP on Ninja Tune

Ninja Tune continue with their intriguing and evolving A&R policy by announcing the debut album from Bicep. Having already signed up Nathan Fake for his woozy deconstruction of some out of date synths, Ninja now turn their focus upon the Belfast-born, London-based duo of Matt McBriar and Andy Ferguson.

The path to this point has been carefully charted. Their ‘Feel My Bicep‘ blog launched in 2008, quickly becoming a discerning spotlight on upfront and archive materials. A recent standing at #8 in last year’s Resident Advisor best DJ poll was then complimented by the development of a rip roaring live show.

All of this has now arrived at the announcement of their self-titled album and release of the track ‘Aura‘ as a teaser. Aura itself has been a much bootlegged track of theirs in the past, simply referred to as ‘Untitled Bicep‘, and is a cornerstone of the release. The synth laden epic finds itself in the prestigious position of first single, album closer and also being woven into the fabric of the album’s microsite.

Before the album launches, the boys from Belfast will be touring extensively, starting modestly by playing at Glastonbury. The self-titled full release will finally surface 1st September 2017.

Pre-orders are up on Bandcamp and the response to the album is already emphatic. Get on board!


1. Orca
2 .Glue
3. Kites
4. Vespa
5. Ayaya
6. Spring
7. Drift
8. Opal
9. Rain
10. Ayr
11. Vale
12. Aura

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