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Listen to DJ Bone’s remix from The/Das ‘Drug Dilling’ EP on Life And Death

The Life And Death stable have been in a rich vein of form recently with the absolutely on point release from techno trendsetter Lucy and DJ Tennis’s highly anticipated edition of the DJ Kicks series. Their next release sees The/Das explore the more club friendly aspect of their sound while remaining electronically playful.

Drug Dilling‘ spans three cuts of typically expansive Life And Death melodic techno. The wryly titled ‘Top Vibes‘ verges on progressive chug but with additional sparkle sprinkled over the top thanks to pinprick sharp shards of breakbeats. The title track wanders between soppy whimsical tones, heads down electronic murk and frozen IDM ambient. Then ‘Holy Rollers‘ weaves together a piece that pairs on the beat techno claps with flecks of jazz and electronic swells.

‘Drug Dilling’ is scheduled for release 14th July via Life And Death, order a copy here.


1. Top Vibes
2. Drug Dilling
3. Holy Rollers
4. Drug Dilling (DJ Bone Remix)

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