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Premiere: October & Borai – Swipe Left (Bash & T Remix)

For release number 16 on their exceedingly versatile label, Happy Skull have turned to two extremely well-acquainted members of their roster. Bristol-based duo October and Borai have been releasing records together for around 8 years, gradually embellishing their cognate skills and sublime connectivity, whilst simultaneously establishing and embarking on successful solo careers.

The label, run by the effervescent Kelly Twins, has left a clear stamp on the burgeoning scene it continually influences, by drawing its releases from an arresting assortment of artists. Their aptitude as label bosses, combined with the fact that they’re also incredibly adept DJ’s, has allowed their imprint to blossom exponentially and acquire a coveted status amongst some of the most prominent names in their game.

October and Borai’s dexterous ‘Fatal Rumba’ EP typically meets the diversity requirement that is so pertinent to the Happy Skull discography. Elements of acid, EBM, electro and classic house merge efficiently to produce a bespoke Bristolian delight.

B1 is a quintessentially UK Funky driven endeavour courtesy of none other than the illustrious Julio Bashmore and T Williams. The remix follows on fluidly from the stylings of the Conch releases, their label dedicated to the darker side of UK Funky that remarkably receives such little attention in current times.

The duo incarcerate the percussion within the typical funky realms loved by all manner of UK-bass fiends, allowing the dub chords to percolate powerfully through the metallic hi-hats; steadying the track in lieu of the influx of euphoric bass which makes this remix a sure-fire dancefloor destroyer.

The sweeping filter, echoing dancehall elements and dissonant chimes provide the galvanising atmosphere that will inevitably make this track a consistent focal point of many sets throughout this summer. Here’s to the return of the (somehow) often overlooked funky vibe.

‘Fatal Rumba’ is scheduled for release 7 June 2019 via Happy Skull. Order a copy from Boomkat.


A1. Fatal Rumba
B1. Swipe Left (Bash & T Remix)
B2. Swipe Left

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