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Premiere: Phrased – Our Minds Partition

You won’t see their faces pop up on google or names printed in bold on some flashy, gee whiz flyer out there. London-based duo Phrased, i.e. the mysterious pair behind the 2014-founded L.B. Produce, have made the choice to keep their distance from all flashy acknowledgements and limelight-bathed environments to better focus on their material, and only that.

Returning after L.B.’s last year’s offering, Ron Obvious ‘Reseda Drive-In‘, Phrased strike back and heavy with ‘Positive Centre‘ – a four-track EP bursting with washed-out summery grooves, soulful peak-time house bangers – ‘Bakers Tape‘ is quite a monster in this category, and a pinch of dubby jungle riddim to break all linearity.

Premiering today, ‘Our Minds Partition‘ is a hovering fractal of churning breakbeat rhythms and shapely flights of transient synth motifs caught in warm air streams. Superimposing chiselled drum sequences and deep, aqueous UK style bass accents upon an idyllic outback shimmering with iridescent pads and tenuous percs, Phrased deliver yet another magnificent slab of snug house beats packed with sun heat and nostalgia.

Positive Centre is out now, order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Positive Centre
A2. How Many
B1. Our Minds Partition
B2. Bakers Tape

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