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Premiere: Mchy i Porosty – Dziwna Smierc

Following up to a debut tape album on Pointless Geometry and a second full-length effort on Jacek Sienkiewicz’s Recognition label released just a few weeks ago, Bartosz Zaskórski is back with a four-track EP on year-old Polish outlet Brutaz.

Scheduled to hit the streets on 20th March, Mchy i Porosty‘s ‘Untitled‘ strays away from the oddball electronic experiments of ‘Hypnagogic Polish Music For Teenage Mutants‘, driven by a much more mellifluous harmonic diversity and club-ready approach than the gnarled sonic breaches opened by its predecessor.

Opening with the martial house shuffler ‘Czarna Plaza‘ that undoubtedly makes for the most danceable cut of the whole, Zaskórski then moves on to unchain a full-on squally cascade of red-hot drums on ‘Wezowe Ruchy‘ before finally returning to a more uncertain and claustrophobic mindset on the EP’s closing track ‘Cholewa‘.

We kept the best till last. Premiering in full through our channels today, the tuneful ‘Dziwna Smierc‘ is a pretty memorable slice of chimey electronica. Bathed in a warm melancholic light and tape-saturated nostalgia revolving in brittle liquid-like ripples, its forward-running groove lifts the track off towards a self-revealing chromatic bliss until the mechanic stops and silence eventually falls. Sterling work.

Untitled is out on 20th March.


A1. Czarna Plaza
A2. Dziwna Smierc
B1. Wezowe Ruchy
B2. Cholewa

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