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Premiere: Post Scriptum – Donbelief

Following up to Cassegrain & Tin Man’s ‘Window Window‘ and Post Scriptum’s first album ‘Post Scriptum 01‘ released last year, Function’s imprint Infrastructure New York is set to break 2016 in with the label’s debut 15-track compilation and box set ‘Facticity‘ due out in June.

Featuring a high-flying cast of producers including Stroboscopic Artefacts mainstay Rrose, Dial staple Efdemin, Cassegrain, Tin Man, Vatican Shadow, label heads Function, Inland and more… the four-part ‘Facticity‘ showcases Infrastructure New York’s wide-ranging 4/4 vistas, spinning a narrative ranging from lush, ambient electronics and post-club diversions, to contemporary club techno and back again.

Today we’re glad to present Post Scriptum’s contribution ‘Donbelief‘. The faceless producer descends into the nether regions of evil-minded dubby techno, dishing out an infamous 4/4 roller for stranded dungeons and big-room sound systems. Don’t trust these sensuous female vocals beaconing the path like frail flares, you’re being sent into the lion’s den.

Facticity is scheduled for release on 13th June 2016 via Infrastructure New York, order a copy from Juno.


A1  Campbell Irvine – Dislocation Is Only The Beginning
A2  Vatican Shadow – Swords Over Paradise
B1  Rrose – Cephalon
B2  Cassegrain & Tin Man – Polyacid Blue
C1  Inland – Acidalia
C2 Post Scriptum – ISDAT
D1  Steve Bicknell – Passage Through Darkness
D2  Cleric – Concrete
E1  Blue Hour – Averting
E2  Function – Low Lights & Trick Mirrors
F1  Efdemin – Kassiber
F2  Post Scriptum – Donbelief
G Cassegrain & Tin Man – Open Sea
H1  Function/Inland – Colwyn Bay
H2  Silent Servant – End / Optimism

Discover more about Infrastructure New York on Inverted Audio.