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Premiere: Preset – Atmos4

Few labels out there seem capable of giving you a spitting picture of their day-to-day creative environment with the sense of direct drive-like immediacy Molten Moods does it. In casting a broader light upon new, unheard names from the Munich area through VA and solo releases, the Bavarian outlet’s done a great job of discovering and escorting fellow local producers to wider recognition, including Konrad Wehrmeister, Kessel Vale, Skee Mask, David Goldberg and more.

Next up on Molten Moods are Preset, a Munich-based duo whose anonymity should be smashed to smithereens once their killer debut tape, ‘Jedi Green‘, has landed. Fusing elements of dubstep, ambient, breakbeat and other leftfield-leaning electronics, this debut instalment connects the dots between a whelming sound design and drum-driven experimentations of the boldest nature.

Streaming through our channels today, the enveloping ‘Atmos4‘ swallows its listener in a fascinatingly spacious, multi-dimensional magnetic field where the laws of gravity are obsolete artefacts of the past. Synthwave after synthwave, drum line after drum line, the fragments deployed throughout move in tidal motion, rippling like creasing water under the fast skim of a skipping stone. Minutely executed but lacking no soul either, this one’s a gem of a dubby dipper.

Jedi Green is released via Molten Moods on 19th October, pre-order a tape copy from the label’s website, or the digital version through Bandcamp.


1. Intro
2. Shopping Edge
3. Skit1 (sessionddtr$E)
4. Atmos4
5. Wouuh
6. Skit2
7. Jedi Green

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