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Premiere: Pris – Vanity

Today’s premiere is an eerie, extraterrestrial exploration courtesy of Berlin-based producer Pris — after releases for labels such as Avian, Non Series and Semantica, he presents a new four-tracker, New Babylon on a new conceptual label called Empathy, a collaboration between himself and Deejay Astral.

On the concept of Empathy, Pris and Deejay Astral stated: “In an increasingly cold and corporate world, music has lost emotion and meaning, becoming nothing more than a commodity that is consumed, sold and often forgotten. Human attention is driven by online algorithms. Our data is stored, and the machine becomes increasingly more intelligent, continuing to control our future emotions and desires, enticing us deeper into the netscape. Empathy explores this relationship between the creator, the controller and the digital free world.”

Whilst this new EP does touch on those themes masterfully, it’s today’s premiere that hits hardest on the release; “Vanity” is an effective deep-dive into the process of Pris, an artist known his methodical approach to production by carefully considering all the elements in a track to play off each other in a narrative complex — offering emulsion at the start and inviting listeners to a sonic vortex that delights in its hypnosis once it hooks you. It’s time to go down the rabbit hole for yourself.

‘New Babylon’ EP is due for release on 17 May via Empathy. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Aquarius
2. Corruption
3. Kink
4. Vanity

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