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Premiere: PVS – The Last Sunrise

Next up on Freddy K’s imprint Key Vinyl is Italian producer PVS aka Marco Piovesan – delivering a tight-knit 4-tracker of furious psychedelic floor shakers laced with the indelible sound of techno’s Detroit forebears.

Our premiere ‘The Last Sunrise‘ fittingly closes out the EP, albeit with a hesitant start that seems to stumble over the 4/4 time signature until the moment of launch. Then, all systems go on an oceanic dub techno template, deep chords striking out the beat as eddying atmospherics coil about the hectic percussion. Yet another great release to earmark for the return of nightlife.

‘Kontrol’ EP is out now on Key Vinyl. Order a copy from Red Eye.


1. Keine Wahrnehmung
2. Melting Chords
3. Unconventional Hate
4. The Last Sunrise