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Premiere: Pyramid Club – Balance… Off

Named after the venue that helped shape the East Village drag and gay scenes of the ’80s, Pyramid Club is the joint effort of CGI Records head honcho Matt Weiner, active under his TWINS solo moniker, and Christopher Daresta – who you may better know as Anticipation.

Set to drop via French-born, Berlin-relocated label Unknown Precept – who made quite the impression with a string of top-notch EPs from L.I.E.S. affiliate Nick Klein and Brussels-based sound experimentalist Maoupa Mazzocchetti amongst others, the pair’s inaugural offering – ‘Cyclic Obsession‘ – finds Weiner and Daresta going in with an entrancing mix of spazzed-out industrial rhythms and off-the-grid broken techno laid out across an antsy mishmash of fractured grooves and askew kaleidoscopic visions.

Our pick, the EP’s opener ‘Balance… Off‘ takes us on a bumpy ride from reeking cut-throat areas to anxiogenic backdoor deal scenarios. Upon an incendiary, run-for-your-life kind of groove, Pyramid Club snipe full-out primitive drum onslaughts as a gut-churning sub-bass breaks over at full pelt. Interlarded with passive-aggressive punk shouts and dipped in a thick sauce of tape hiss, its storm of blipping synths in overheat and further larsen-friendly frequencies will achieve blowing you away in stupendous fashion. Hold on tight.

Cyclic Obsession is released via Unknown Precept on 24th April, pre-order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Balance… Off
A2. Cyclic Obsession
A3. The Law
B1. Stay Behind
B2. Reactivated

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