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Premiere: Randstad – Teenage Vomit

After contributing a track to the label’s ‘Five Years Of Tears‘ anniversary VA in 2018, BAKK co-founder Thomas van Linge aka Randstad returns to Rotterdam’s Pinkman with his debut solo effort, ‘Stranded‘, scheduled to hit the shelves on May 13th.

Serving up six cuts that steer their way across corroded coldwave melodies, EBM-laced cut-ups and ruff proto-technoid syncopations, the Dutch producer zeroes in on the freaky, ’80s-sound loving weirdo in us. As cohesive a whole as it flourishes through digression, ‘Stranded‘ calls forth the spirits of Cabaret Voltaire, Helena Hauff and My Bloody Valentine to weave a uniquely distinctive and equally elusive industrial record, quite unlike anything you may dig in the crates these days.

A pared-down slab of free-flowing analogue expression tinged with a splash of emo sensitiveness from back in the day, the earwormy ‘Teenage Vomit‘ examples Randstad’s shrewd approach towards mapped and demarcated sonic terrains such as new wave and acid, blurring out the frontiers to stake out a territory of his own. If you enjoy your synths icy cold, your bass sturdy and your drums to beat a dry, 77-reminiscing blast, then this one’s for you. Pinkman knows no low.

Stranded is released via Pinkman on May 13th, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Broken Sun
A2. Spanish Caravan
A3. Rookie
B1. Brockwell
B2. Stranded
B3. Teenage Vomit

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