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Premiere: Youthman(29) – 6:32

Hot on the heels of Sasha Zlykh’s ‘Lie To Your Mom‘ EP, Hamburg-based label The Press Group resurface this spring with the debut solo offering from the mysterious Youthman(29), whose first foray on the label dates back to last year and the drop of TPG’s first VA, ‘Press By The Group‘. Check out his track ‘Aemilia‘ if you haven’t yet.

Flexing out the killer breaks and luxuriant pad tapestries, the ‘Untitled‘ ship smooth sails at high-altitude in a zero-G kind of cosmic inertia. Epitomising this matching palette of hybrid rhythmic and atmospheric colours, our premiere ‘6:32‘ runs the gamut from textured organic house to aerial breakbeat with seamless ease, setting up the framework for compelling moments of dance and chill all at once. Our very idea of the perfect summer sunrise soundtrack. Feelssss.

Untitled is released via The Press Group on May 17th, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. 3:36
2. 5:03
3. 6:32
4. 5:08
5. 6:34
6. 3:00
7. 2:36

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