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Premiere: Keepsakes – Hovel Of Scum

Having a steady diet of releases previously setting the tone for Haven and his own sound, Keepsakes does something different with the track picked for today’s premiere. “Hovel Of Scum” is every bit as playful as it is pensive — a slower tempo track that has a revelatory rhythm to it compared to other tracks within the modicum of industrial techno.

Keepsakes chooses to embraces the buoyancy of the elements presented and deliver a track that exhibits a balancing act between grit and whimsy that works wonderfully. “Hovel Of Scum” also acts as a standout track on his ‘Modern Anxious Vernacular’ EP; narratively bridging towards the latter end of the release and sticking the landing in succinct fashion. Check out the tune for yourself and see where it takes you.

‘Modern Anxious Vernacular’ is set for release on May 3rd. Order a copy via Bandcamp.


1. Seep
2. State Of It
3. Hovel Of Scum

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