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Premiere: Red Hook Grain Terminal – Inorganic 07

The Red Hook Grain Terminal is an abandoned grain elevator in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City that’s been left to ruin since 1965. This post-industrial behemoth, a battered and degraded skeleton of a building, serves as a fundamental inspiration for the recent work of sound artist Jordan Edge, his latest project named after the structure itself.

This crumbling edifice is the perfect metaphor for Edge’s compositional process, which bases itself on the manipulation of once-pristine audio recordings and synthesized noise, deprived of their original meaning and function through a process of sonic degradation, thus transformed into something entirely other. His latest record for Panatype, “Inorganic”, situates the listener in “world of dampened acoustics, half destroyed spaces, dead room tones and manipulated environmental surroundings… where the deterioration of sound is equal to the creation of the content itself.”

We’re excited to be premiering an exclusive cut from the record today, “Inorganic 07”. This one’s a mid-tempo house number skewed through a deviant lens, formed out of degraded, wavering synthesizers and crunched-up percs that lurch their way woozily through seven minutes of funhouse intrigue.

Inorganic is scheduled for release 30th March 2018, order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Inorganic 01
2. Inorganic 02
3. Inorganic 03
4. Inorganic 04
5. Inorganic 05
6. Inorganic 06
7. Inorganic 07
8. Inorganic 08

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