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Premiere: Religius Order – Medusa

Following up to a fine split tape debut courtesy of label honcho LBEEZE and US-based producer Ole Mic Odd, Melbourne’s Up North Records are set to strike again with ‘Crime Violente Vol.1‘ – a 6-track VA featuring Francesco Baudazzi (aka Violet Poison) as Bakunin Commando, Trenton Chase, DJ Loser, ragged lo-fi acid merchant Antonio, Religius Order and, you guessed it, LBEEZE himself. In for a ghost train ride across nightmarish soundscapes and corrosive atmospheres?

Not the most well-known contributor from this collaborative effort, newcomer Religius Order makes a strong impression with ‘Medusa‘ – a naughtily thought-intrusive weapon aimed at taking over the dancers’ minds and obliterating any self-consciousness still standing. Take a pinch of murky basement vibrations, slow-spinning abrasive breaks and a healthy dose of hallucinogenic bass ostinato, shake to ensure thorough mix and you get a plain mesmeric melter that shall petrify crowds in one cold, deadly glance. Ruff and tuff.

Crime Violente Vol.1 is released via Up North Records on 25th April, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Bakunin Commando – Anarchoantichrist
2. Trenton Chase – Untitled 1 05:28
3. DJ Loser – Popbeat34
4. Antonio – Spastic Motions
5. LBEEZE – Flip
6. Religius Order – Medusa

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