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Premiere: Ricardo Donoso – Reconcilable Differences

Denovali prepare to release ‘Progress Trap‘, the forthcoming album from rhythmic maestro Ricardo Donoso, marking his fifth long player for the label.

Consisting of 10 tracks, ‘Progress Trap‘ leaves a grand impression near instantly: despite the fact that each track runs under 5 minutes in length, within each momentary gasp of sound Donoso instills a lifetime of experience and exploration in crafting composition and soundscapes. It feels almost as if much longer passages of music are frozen in time, encasing the listener in a stand-alone world of percussion and synthesis.

Syncopation seems to be the core weapon in the arsenal here, with tracks like ‘They Saw It Coming‘ and ‘Master & Emissary‘ (the latter sounding almost like a Pessimist production for the dancefloor) gaining an almost polyrhythmic air thanks to the dense layering of patterns.

This syncopation — together with a command of spaciousness and use of silence as a rhythmic tool — is at the core of ‘Reconcilable Differences‘. The slow progress of the music merges perfectly into the ambient underbelly of the piece, which restrains the crescendo from reaching fever-pitch while granting a depth to the energy. A beautiful piece of music, but one that truly gains quality alongside the album’s myriad forms and structures.

‘Progress Trap’ is scheduled for release 5 November via Denovali. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. They Saw it Coming
2. Hostile Environments
3. Great Acceleration
4. Master and Emissary
5. Essential Asymmetry
6. Forward and Backward
7. A Two-Sided Story
8. Separated From Living Things
9. Reconcilable Differences
10. Accelerating Into a Wall